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Professional Health Care Providers

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The Bon Secours Mercy Health Medical Group is pleased to support the use of life coaching services through CME funds. According to the Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Licensing Funds policy, a provider can use up to 40% of their CME allowance to reimburse their coaching  expense. To qualify for CME reimbursement, providers must complete at least four sessions with one of the BSMH approved coaches. You arrange and pay for your sessions directly with your coach, then you may submit your receipt as you would any CME expense.

Sue has been an approved coach with this program since its launch in January 2019. She has a natural connection to Health Care,  including growing up in a family of providers, lifelong experience as a Registered Nurse, and 20 years of coaching medical professionals.


This coaching initiative provides value and benefits to those dedicated to the highly stressful careers of Medical Providers. Life coaching has helped individuals regain work/life balance, improve relationships, make positive change and find purpose. 

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