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FREE 20-Minute Coaching Session
This brief session will help you better understand the potential value coaching may have for you or your organization. This complimentary session is by phone only.

Introductory Coaching
This 90-minute Introductory Session offers the client an opportunity to fully experience the coaching process. The client explores their values and beliefs while focusing on particular areas of their life. In the development of clarity, and discovery of new perspectives, the client begins to reveal creative possibilities and opportunities for WHAT 'S NEXT! Introductory Coaching is $200.   Click here to schedule a session.

Discovery Session (Intake)
The Discovery Session is a requirement for "Individual Coaching". This two-hour session is also referred to as "Designing the Alliance" and is an opportunity to create the initial design of a powerful coaching relationship; including the focus, format, and desired outcomes.

Individual Coaching
Individual Coaching is for people who are looking for a one-on-one, personal coaching experience. Through a partnership with the Coach, the client is able to discover their most authentic life. This coaching empowers personal growth, produces the benefit of less stress, and helps the client find more life balance, fulfillment, simplicity, and joy. No matter what age or stage of life, there is always something in our life that longs to be different.


Relationship & Organizational Coaching
Relationship & Organizational coaching is a powerful approach to coaching any personal partnership, organizational or business relationship. Powerful tools are offered to help expand expression and communication, create stability, increase positivity and allow for relationship re-alignment. Coaching offers couples, families, groups, teams and partners the benefits of greater balance, more simplicity, and less stress.

Workshops and Seminars
Workshops and seminars may be designed around a specific challenge, interest, or need, enhancing and supporting the growth and development of any personal or professional environment. Improving communication, promoting creativity, externalizing problems, creating understanding of differences and building positive and productive relationships are just a few examples of what coaching may offer participants in a workshops.

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