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Sue has been such an effective life coach for me because she is both very emotionally intelligent and very well-read. She has not only introduced me to several incredibly helpful life skills, she hashelped me practice applying these new tools in several situations simultaneously. I make the same life decisions I would have made without coaching, but that I make them with much more clarity and efficiency and much less anxiety due to Sue's coaching.— Elizabeth 

Working with Coach Sue helps you prioritize and put things in perspective. She offers different avenues to approach the self-talk/doubt that occurs with conflict and change. This new perspective helps you make decisions that are right for you. The work can be hard and uncomfortable but it is necessary and well worth the time and energy. The reward is a life that is authentic and satisfying. — Tracey 

Sue's coaching style is very interactive and stimulating. One never knows what's next on his or her particular journey, but feels intrinsic trust in Sue's ability to help them on their unique path. I am also in awe of Sue's energy level. She typifies the ability to grow more powerful by giving away her gifts. She is someone whom I respect greatly and feel that she has not only had great impact on my own life in the past year, but will impact the lives of many recipients in the future. — Julie

I have always been the type of person who tries to be in tune with his soul, but Sue has helped me find ways to make it happen. I'm a knob on a radio that has the power to tune in so many stations and she has been the hand that helps me. The conversations and the time Sue has spent with me have become part of my favorite recollections. She has such an amazing soul and I am so grateful she has shared it with me. — Kevin

In one session, Sue helped open my eyes! I realized I was tired of being held back, and that I DID have the drive, desire, and ability to do what I wanted. I wanted to fly (literally). I wanted to learn new software, and spend more time doing things like skiing. I wanted to make the money that I deserved. I was done tolerating negative people with poor attitudes. — Dave



Bon Secours Mercy Health

Bowling Green State University
Green Bay Packaging
Grundfos Holding A/S -Denmark 
Henry Ford Estates

Jones & Henry Engineers Ltd
ProMedica Health Systems
Sylvania Vet
Toledo City Paper
University of Toledo
URL Pharma Inc.

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