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Challenging, inspiring, and empowering individuals to live courageous, authentic lives.

At Living from the Heart, Sue is committed to helping you unlock and align your extraordinary potential with your deepest passions. Her approach goes beyond traditional goal-setting, providing a dynamic partnership that challenges and inspires your unique transformative journey.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Living from the Heart proudly maintains the highest industry standards in professional coaching. This dedication ensures that our clients receive unparalleled support.

Sue is eager to connect with you and explore how she can serve as a catalyst, nurturing and empowering your distinctive path to self-discovery and growth. 

Sue McMahon



Sue McMahon is a professional, board-certified coach and founder of Living from the Heart. She has spent many years in a state of personal growth, studying and working in areas to facilitate her greater understanding of humankind. Having experienced her own personal challenges throughout her life, Sue emerged with determination, conviction, and a passionate faith in human potential. Her fierce desire for her clients to live a life shaped by personal choice comes from recognizing our society‘s deep hunger for more truthful and authentic lives.​

"Sue has been such an effective life coach for me because she is both very emotionally intelligent and very well-read. She has not only introduced me to several incredibly helpful life skills, she hashelped me practice applying these new tools in several situations simultaneously. I make the same life decisions I would have made without coaching, but that I make them with much more clarity and efficiency and much less anxiety due to Sue's coaching."

— Elizabeth 

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