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Challenging, inspiring and

empowering individuals to live

courageous, authentic lives!

Living from the Heart offers coaching services that include partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that boldly challenges, inspires, and empowers courageous transformation. 

Coaching is a professional field that continues to become an integral part of a thriving society, supporting individuals and organizations all around the globe, to maximize their personal and professional potential. Living from the Heart represents the highest quality in professional coaching, demonstrating industry standards of excellence in qualification, and competence.


Sue McMahon is a Professional Board Certified Coach and founder of Living from the Heart. She has spent many years in a state of personal growth, studying, and working in areas to facilitate her greater understanding of humankind. Having experienced  her own personal challenges throughout her life, Sue emerged with determination, conviction, and a passionate faith in human potential. Her fierce desire for her clients to live a life shaped by personal choice comes from her recognition of our society‘s deep hunger for living more truthful and authentic lives.


Sue's coaching style is very interactive and stimulating. One never knows what's next on his or her particular journey, but feels intrinsic trust in Sue's ability to help them on their unique path.

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